Under the age of 21? Driver license consequences for juveniles.

The  DMV will take your license for offenses other than alcohol if you are under the age of twenty one.  A juvenile can lose their privilege to drive a car or the ability to obtain a drivers license for minor offenses.  Crimes such as vandalism and minor in possession may cause a suspension of the ability to get a drivers license or the loss of a license.  Crimes such as reckless driving and street racing also may impact the ability to drive.  Please be aware of all the driving consequence before  admitting a crime in juvenile court.

Drunk Driving Checkpoints

There will be heightened law enforcement presence during the Memorial Day holiday weekend.  This means that police are looking for people driving under the influence (DUI/”drunk driving”), not wearing seat-belts, driving erratically, people driving while texting and driving on a suspended license.  If you are stopped for any of these offenses, the penalties can be costly.

If you approach a checkpoint, you have the right to turn away, but be aware that police officers are generally placed in the surrounding area to observe people, hoping to catch drunk drivers.  Those officers may then stop you, mainly to determine why you left the checkpoint area.   Keep this in mind as you are celebrating during this holiday weekend.

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