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DUI Update – California expands the Ignition Interlock device (IID) program statewide for most drunk driving offenses.

Governor Jerry Brown signed California Senate Bill 1046 into law, which will go into effect starting January 1, 2019 and will remain in place until January 1, 2026. Currently only four counties in California require DUI offenders to put an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) in their vehicles as part of a pilot program that went […]

Statewide Traffic Tickets / Infractions Amnesty Program

If you are buried in traffic fines debt, you may qualify for The Statewide Traffic Tickets/Infraction Amnesty Program which will become effective tomorrow October 1st through March 31, 2017. Under a bill passed by the Legislature, drivers will receive discounts of 50% to 80% on tickets that should have been paid before Jan. 1, 2013. According to […]

House Being Foreclosed ? Can I pay what I owe ?

In California there is a right to “Reinstate” defaulted real property loans. The statutory right to reinstate defaulted real property loans is covered by Civil Code Section 2924c(a)(1).  In other words, you have a right to pay your lender only the past due amount along with reasonable costs and fees associated with enforcing the deed […]

Injured in a store or in a business ?

As a general rule in California, an individual or an entity does not have a duty to come to the aid of of a person who is sick or injured.  However in California, there is a  “special relationship” doctrine which  may require a business to come to your aid if you are sick or injured […]

Haven’t Paid That Traffic Ticket ?

“Well over 4 million Californians have had their licenses revoked because they failed to pay traffic fines or appear in court, DMV records show.” http://www.sacbee.com/news/local/transportation/article18635310.html

How can my child be charged in adult criminal court ?

Criminal charges against a child as young as 14 years old may be directly filed in adult criminal court thus bypassing the Juvenile Justice system altogether. The District Attorney has the discretion to file charges in adult criminal court if the youth is 16 or 17 years old And the youth is alleged to have either […]

Sealing Your Juvenile Record – Update

Beginning in 2015 – New Law Authorizing Automatic Sealing of Juvenile Records As discussed in our previous blog on Sealing Your Juvenile Records, existing law already allows for the sealing of non-violent juvenile records, but requires a petition to the court in order to initiate the process.  Beginning  on January 1, 2015, Senate Bill 1038 […]

Check out our latest blog on proposition 47

What Changes to Criminal Law And Procedure Did Proposition 47 Bring About? California voters approved Proposition 47.  The changes enacted by this measure are effective as of November 5, 2014 (Cal Const. Art. 2, Sec. 10.)  Numerous drug and theft-related crimes that were previously felonies or “wobblers” are now misdemeanors, unless committed by “Prop 47 […]

Temporary Home Loan Modifications May be Binding

Are you on a Temporary Home Loan Modification ?  The California  Court of Appeals for the First District holds that a temporary loan modification may be binding on the lender and allows the case to go to trial on the issues of breach of contract and fraudulent misrepresentation.  What this means is a plaintiff who […]