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Juvenile Court Proceedings Open To The Public?

Are Juvenile Court proceedings open to the public?As a general rule, the answer is "no", the general public is not permitted to come into the juvenile courtroom and spectate. In order to maintain the

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Crimes Committed by 14 or 15 Year Olds Can No Longer Be Transferred to Adult Court

Today, Governor Brown signed into law SB 1391. SB 1391 repeals the authority of a district attorney to make a motion to transfer a minor from juvenile court to adult court in a case in which a minor

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How can my child be charged in adult court?

Criminal charges against a child as young as 14 years old may be directly filed in adult criminal court thus bypassing the Juvenile Justice system altogether.The District Attorney has the discretion t

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Sealing Juvenile Record – Update

Enter your text here...Beginning in 2015 – New Law Authorizing Automatic Sealing of Juvenile RecordsAs discussed in our previous blog on Sealing Your Juvenile Records, existing law already allows fo

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Sealing Your Juvenile Records

We get calls all the time with questions about juvenile law.  Specifically our clients want to know about sealing their juvenile records now that they are off probation and have remained out of t

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