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​Has Your Child ​Been Arrested?  Is Your Child in Juvenile Hall? Juvenile Court Date Pending?

​If your child has been arrested, they can be taken from your home, placed in juvenile detention, kicked out of school, placed on probation or have many other significant consequences.  

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​Has Your Child Been Charged ​with ​a Crime?

​If your child has been arrested, they can be taken from your home, placed in juvenile detention, kicked out of school, placed on probation or have many other significant consequences.  Your child’s future is at stake. Juvenile delinquency allegations can have a devastating effect on your child’s education, reputation, well-being and ability to maintain or secure future employment.  WE CAN HELP.

​Once your child is arrested, they may be released back to you and cited into court at some future date or transported to a juvenile hall.   Minors that are transported to juvenile hall and who meet the criteria for remaining detained will be detained at the juvenile hall until their court date and are not eligible to post bail. The arresting agency then submits their reports to either the Probation Department or District Attorney.  If the District Attorney decides to charge your child with a crime, the matter is set for an arraignment in juvenile court.

In California, Welfare and Institutions Code sections 601 and 602 specify who may be adjudged a “ward” of the court and apply to any minor between the ages of 12 and 17, who is either:

(a)    charged with a crime (W&I 602),
(b)    habitually truant (W&I 601) and
(c)    or incorrigible (W&I 601)

Incorrigibility means:

​Habitual disobedience of parents’ reasonable orders, or violation of any city or county ordinance establishing a curfew or​ habitual truancy with four or more truancies within one school year. 

There are, however, exceptions to the minimum age limit.  Any minor who is under the age of 12 years can still fall under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court, if he or she is alleged to have committed a specific serious or violent felony such as murder or violent sex crimes.  

Minors can even be charged as adults in certain circumstances.  The prosecuting agency may make a motion to transfer the minor from juvenile court to adult court.

​We ​Are Your Ventura Juvenile Defense Attorneys

Even crimes like graffiti, theft, vandalism and others can have serious ​consequences. It is crucial that an experienced juvenile delinquency lawyer handle a juvenile case with extreme care and caution.  An admission to committing a crime or the court finding that your child committed a crime could remain on your child’s record for life.

At the Law Offices of Krause & Hirschhorn, P.C., we believe juvenile crimes do not need to be punished the same as adult crimes.  One of the purposes of the juvenile justice system is to provide early intervention for juvenile offenders with the goal of rehabilitation, not punishment.  In practice, the courts, probation, and the district attorney are seeking to incarcerate our children at an alarming rate.  As experienced juvenile delinquency attorneys, we know that there are other options available besides going into custody.

We’re ​Here ​to Help You

​Regardless of whether this is your child’s first run-in with the law or if there have been multiple instances, you need a defense attorney with experience and skill in the juvenile system.  We offer aggressive and skilled representation to children accused of committing criminal offenses in Juvenile and Adult courts throughout Ventura, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara Counties. Do not let your child face the criminal justice system alone.

​With over fifteen years of experience in juvenile delinquency defense, we understand the anxiety that arises when our children experience trouble with the law and will work with the families, prosecutors, probation, and the juvenile court to find alternatives to the charges, minimize the damages and avoid incarceration.

​Protect Your Child’s Future

At the Law Offices of Krause & Hirschhorn, P.C., we have experience representing juveniles in a wide variety of juvenile delinquency cases. ​The options and programs offered for juvenile offenders are vastly different from adult offenders. We understand that incarceration not only psychologically ​affects the child but could also have a devastating impact on the family as well.

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