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​Have You Been Bitten and Not Sure What ​to Do Next?

Every year, thousands of people in the U.S. are injured in dog attacks. Dog bites and animal attacks often result in significant physical injury, including scarring and disfigurement. Many times, the victim of a dog bite or animal attack is an innocent child. Nonetheless, the costs of medical care, including rehabilitation and plastic surgery, can be excessive.

The Law Offices of Krause & Hirschhorn, P.C. successfully represent dog bite victims and animal attack victims throughout southern California. We are here to help our clients recover full and fair compensation for medical bills, lost wages or income, costs of rehabilitation, and pain and suffering.

dog biting a man's ares

What ​to Do After ​an Animal Attack

If possible, try to gather as much evidence as you can once you or the dog bite victim has received appropriate medical attention. Useful evidence can include:

  • The name of the dog owner
  • The dog owner’s address
  • The dog owner's phone number
  • Contact information from eyewitnesses
  • Photos and descriptions of the place where the attack occurred
  • Medical reports from the treating doctor

Children, the elderly and joggers have a high risk of encountering a hostile dog. Most victims are attacked by a dog belonging to a family member or friend. Children are often unable to interpret an animal’s behavior and respond appropriately. Small children love to hug dogs, but dogs often view this as a sign of aggression. Also, a dog’s natural instincts are often to show dominance over a child.

Dog Bite Representation

If you or a family member has been injured in an animal attack, you may be eligible for compensation for your losses and suffering. At the Law Offices of Krause & Hirschhorn, P.C., we are able to resolve the majority of our cases promptly and without ever having to go to court. However, there are a number of reasons why we would recommend litigation to our clients. When that occurs, we will thoroughly explain the litigation process, including the risks, benefits, and how it relates to your case, so you can make the best possible decision about your dog bite case.

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Because the statute of limitations applies to dog bite cases, victims have a limited time in which to file their cases. We are experienced dog bite lawyers. It is vital that you act immediately to protect your rights. Contact the Law Offices of Krause & Hirschhorn, P.C.​ day or night by calling 805-330-1529 or emailing us. We provide a free initial consultation, and there are no fees unless we recover compensation. If you can’t travel to us, we will come to you.

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